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The Project Description


Rain Sultanov's project - Forgiveness - is an invitation to think about how you can heal the world around you from the most destructive force of humanity - the feeling of Anger.

Fear, sadness, anger and joy are the main emotions that accompany us throughout our lives. So why is anger considered shameful? For although by design of nature, we need it for protection - the emotion-weapon is the darkest and most powerful expression of oneself. Most likely because it was this feeling that contributed to the worst events that people have regretted throughout the history of mankind. And despite the fact that anger and rage are nothing but a manifestation of our "animal" nature and are an integral part of our essence,

they scare us.

So how is it possible to remain calm when feeling angry?

A person who cannot admit that something has caused him to become angry tries to pretend that he is not angry. He creates a false identity that is very different from himself. But since anger still “leaks” when someone violates boundaries or otherwise threatens security, anger can take on distorted forms: turn into arrogant

“pity” and contempt.

The compositions of Rain Sultanov's album reveal the theme of liberation, the deliverance of all living things from the feeling of Anger. Forgiveness is the main way to pacify. It is important for the one who forgives, because it frees him from the darkness that destroys him from within. Forgiveness helps to forget the details of evil, and therefore, to stop experiencing

it again and again. Liberation comes through music, art, and love.

Rain Sultanov compares the Head, in which the feeling that takes away the mind boils with the Soul, in which healing love is born.

We have to maintain this complex balance of props, which requires a lot of energy.

As rational beings,

we have the right to make a choice in favor of preserving the world, and not destroying it. It is learning to manage rather than deny and suppress rage that will keep us safe.

The music of Rain Sultanov calls not to lose the "red flag", but to learn to live with it,

having made a decision in favor of humanity.


- LEYLA EFENDIYEVA - Jazz Dünyası Magazine

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